Çağrı Makina Çağrı Makina Ltd. Şti., was established in 1983 at Istanbul, TURKEY and has well-known reputation all over Turkey and the world in the area of textile washing and stone washing and dyeing machine due increased production capacity day by day, reliability, fast after selling service and carefully working.

Çağrı Makina has been producing textile washing machines, stone washing machines, drying machines, hydro extractors machines, ozone generators and tumblers, part dyeing machines and dry process machines which is using in denim industry under the DEWELLI brandname. Beside this machines production, Çağrı Makina sell textile chemicals and accessories.

We, Cagri Makina as Dewelli Brand care about protecting nature and the future of our earth. Therefore, we produce our products with the consciousness of sustainability. We present sustainable machines to the textile field in order to save water, energy and chemical consumption. We are proud to make a contribution to sustainability by producing new generation ecologic, eco- friendly, non-polluting, using less water, less chemical, and less energy washing machines.

Çağrı Makina care about the quality standards and has ISO 9001-2000, CE, HYB and TSE certificates.

Çağrı Makina set up washing, stone washing and dyeing facilities in the textile factories with own products and give duty to different sectors like schools, hospitals, military facilities and hotels, from project to after selling service.

Due high-quality level machines which are produced in 3500 sqm closed own factory, fast assembly and after selling service, Çağrı Makina sell its own machines to 25 different countries in the 5 continents outside the TURKEY.