Our DEWELLI Ozone Generator and Tumbler has been created for denim bleaching. For Back Stain Cleaning, Color&Tone Adjustment, Bleaching & Fashion Applications.

Dewelli Ozone Generators may use both dry ozone wash process and wet ozone wash process. Additionally, Dewelli Ozone Machines are antibacterial, sustainable and eco-friendly.

In textile washing, the use of various chemicals damages human health; The use of ozone has no negative effect on human health. It creates same effect as bleaching process. Easy to assembly. Safety to use, minimum electric usage.

Our Dewelli Ozone Generators between 100 gr -2000 gr suitable alternative capacities are available for your business. High generating efficiency, high ozone concentration and stable performance, high oxygen utilization rate, less time, less energy, more items, high control and risk test standarts, no chemicals, no water, full automatic, full controlled & full secured