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We are with you in 5 continents and 30 countries
Our Quality Has Been Proven

We care about quality standards and have ISO 9001-2000, CE, HYB, and TSE certificates.

We Love Our Nature

We contribute to sustainability by producing new generation ecological, environmentally friendly, non-polluting machines that contain less water, less chemicals and less energy.

About Us

New Generation Ecological Machines

Due to high-quality level machines which are produced in a 3500 sqm closed own factory, fast assembly, and after-selling service, DEWELLI sells its own machines to 30 different countries in the 5 continents outside the TURKIYE.

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We were established 3500 m2 ile İstanbul'da.

We produced Stoneless washing machine

We produced CMB 400 JET Machine
Çağrı Makina
was established
Çağrı Makina Ltd. Şti. was established in 1983 in Istanbul, TURKIYE, and has a well-known reputation all over TURKIYE and the world in the area of sustainable textile washing, stone washing, and dyeing machine due to increased production capacity day-by-day, reliability, fast after selling service and carefully working.
Çağrı Makina has been producing textile washing machines, stone washing machines, drying machines, hydro extractors machines, ozone systems, sample washing and dyeing machines, and dry process machines which are used in the denim industry under the DEWELLI brand name. Besides these machines' production, Çağrı Makina sells textile chemicals and accessories.
We attach great importance to innovation and R&D investments. We are trying to offer innovations to our clients depending on the developing technology day by day. We are proud of the positive feedback we have received from the innovations we have made in recent years. In this way, we have several registration certificates for the innovations in our machines.
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