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Meaning of Word Sustainable: able to continue of variety and sustainability not causing damages to resources and identified to be the constant. Natural resources in our World is not endless. In this case, the importance of ‘ Sustainability’ become a current issue. We, Cagri Makina as Dewelli Brand present our Ecological Sustainable Washing Machines to Textile field in order to save Economy, Ecology and Energy consumption and make a contribution to Sustainability. Our CMT400S / CMT500S Models reduce 70% water consumption, 50 % chemical consumption and due to removing stone usage make a great contribution to User and Nature. Thanks to special designed inner drum and beaters remove the stone washing. Due to showering system reduces water consumption 70% and chemical 50%. Heavy and strong construction, Stainless steel inner and outer drum, due to 11 kW installed Motor reduces electric consumption. We are proud to make a contribution to Sustainability by producing new generation ecologic, eco- friendly, non-polluting, using less water, less chemical, and less energy Washing machines.

The Right Solutions With DEWELLI In Textile Machines!

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