The Right Solutions With Çağrı Makina Dewelli In Textile Machines!

Çağrı Makina Ltd. Şti., was established in 1983 at Istanbul, TURKEY and has well-known reputation all over Turkey and the world in the area of textile washing and stone washing and dyeing machine due increased production capacity day by day, reliability, fast after selling service and carefully working.

Textile Machines

Our washing machines, which have a penta feature and a five-winged drum system, allow you to wash products in the most reliable and economic manner; our wringing machines allow you to wring your products in a short time after you discharge their initial water using a professional discharge system.

Dry Processing Machines

With our fixed furnaces, you can dry your chemical-containing products while giving them effects and you can also use our ozone devices in order to obtain different effects that conform to new trends in a rapid & secure manner or to perform a bleaching that is human & environmental friendly.

Finishing Machines

With aqueous spray cabins, you can minimize the inhaling of chemicals during spray usage and you can therefore apply our chemicals on your products in a clean & rapid manner; and with our sandpapering robots, you can obtain the most efficient results on your products through many effects that range from slight ageing to tears.

Textile Accessories

The robot rubbers, which we use in aqueous spray cabins and sandpapering robots, enable you to make great savings on time & energy with their longevity. As our washing and drying balls can be used many times and have no harmful impact on the environment, they provide environmental-friendly & economical solutions and our swifts & swift driving machines allow you to tag your products in a rapid manner.

Textile Chemicals

We offer correct chemicals so that you can obtain the correct results in your plants from preliminary finish until dyeing.

Technical Service

We do technical service of our after-sales products professionally and ensure that you can use our machines for many years without problems.