Natural resources on our earth are not endless. In this case, the importance of sustainability become a current issue. We, Cagri Makina as Dewelli Brand care about protecting nature and the future of our earth. Therefore, we produce our products with the consciousness of sustainability.

We present sustainable machines to the textile field in order to save water, energy and chemical consumption. We are proud to make a contribution to sustainability by producing new generation ecologic, eco- friendly, non-polluting, using less water, less chemical, and less energy washing machines. CMT400S / CMT500S Models reduce water consumption, energy consumption, chemical consumption and make a great contribution to user and nature. Due to showering system reduces water and chemical consumption.

The ozone technologies provide the denim effect and anti back staining on the textile washing without any chemicals. In textile washing, the use of various chemicals damages human health; The use of ozone has no negative effect on human health. Dewelli Ozone Machines are antibacterial, sustainable and eco-friendly.


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